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On Time

I'm an illustrator. I'm a graphic designer. I understand everything you might need for your game. Executing your vision efficiently and without drama is my only goal.

I've been graphic designer and/or illustrator on more than 50 titles, and have helped bring nearly 100 games to the American market. If there are problems at the printer, I will help you figure that out.

I have never missed a deadline in over 30 years. If your deadline would change for whatever reasons, I adjust my schedule to fit your needs. If the KS says we gotta do more, then we do more.


“With almost 3 decades of experience in illustration and graphic design, and with his ability to reproduce every art style imaginable, Bill Bricker is uniquely positioned to take publishers both small and large to the next level.”
Stephen M. Buonocore
President of Stronghold Games (retired)
The Podfather of Gaming
“I worked on a single game project with Bill Bricker in which he provided both illustrations and graphic layout for the game. Bill’s participation in this project was a large part of this game becoming an evergreen title. Bill was open to direction, attentive to detail, timely, and delivered everything that was asked for and more. Working with him was an absolute joy and inspiration. I highly recommend Bill Bricker.”
Ralph H. Anderson
Professional Game Consultant
“If you are a publisher and need artwork for a game, Bill Bricker is a great solution. He did all the art for the original Baseball Highlights 2045. He is good and he delivers on time. I then recommended him to RnR Games for my game Dragon Island, and he did it again. Good art and on time!”
Mike Fitzgerald
Game Designer
“I’ve always enjoyed working with Bill. I’ve hired him for several projects. He’s flexible, meets deadlines, and puts out great work!”
Michael Coe
President Gamelyn Games
Bill has done the artwork and graphic design on many of my games. His ability to adapt
to a variety of different graphic styles and responsiveness to feedback
have made him a pleasure to work with.
Geoffrey Engelstein
Game Designer